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Welcome to OfficeWriter v4.6.0 Windows Samples

About the samples

These samples illustrate various usages of OfficeWriter in several different Windows-based environments. If you are new to OfficeWriter, or are looking for a way to perform a common task, the sample code you will find here is a good place to start.

The code found here is written to be as descriptive as possible to make it easy for you to copy-and-paste bits of the code into your own application.

The samples are divided into three major categories: ASP.NET samples that run as webpages on the web server, non-ASP.NET standalone application samples that are not server-based, and Reporting Services samples.

How to use the samples

There are two ways to use the OfficeWriter v4.6.0 samples:

  • From the SoftArtisans live server - All ASP.NET samples are hosted live on this server. You can run the samples to view the generated output, view associated source code in C# or VB.NET, and view any Excel or Word documents used as templates. This is ideal for cutting and pasting into your own application. Or,

  • On your machine - It's easy to download and install the demos on your own machine or development server. Follow the links below to view instructions. Non-web samples are not hosted on the server and must be downloaded and run on your machine.

View/Run the samples

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